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What methods of payment does JNR accept?

We accept payment in the form of cash, check, or by credit card (3% convenience fee for credit card payments).

When do I pay?

Payment is due at the end of the work order or at the end of the day, whichever comes first. There are no exceptions to this rule, so we suggest having your method of payment ready before the completion of the work order or, in the case of multi-day work orders, before the end of each.

How will time be billed?

We won't start billing you until the movers are on their way to your address, and billing ends upon completion of the work order, or at the end of the work for the day in the case of multi-day work orders. (Travel time not to exceed 1 hour in total, per work order, per day.)

Can JNR move my original artwork/family heirlooms/antiques/collectibles?

Yes, our movers are trained to move almost any item you could possibly have and are familiar with the measures and precautions which need to be taken when handling fragile, delicate, and difficult to replace items.

If you require white glove services, please ask your move coordinator for pricing, which is based on the specific item(s) for which services will be provided, the materials needed to properly prepare these items for relocation, and the equipment and techniques utilized in the safe transport of these items.

Please make sure to let us know if you have items that require this level of special handling so that we can arrive at your address fully equipped for the prep and transport of those items.

Charges are item specific, and customers will be provided with an estimate of the charges which will apply, after your coordinator provides your free, in-person assessment. No surprise charges. 

What about charges for stairs or the long walk between the truck and my entrance/exit?

JNR hires only professional movers, and we do not charge for "tougher than usual" circumstances.

The only charge applied to your bill, beyond those you discuss in detail with your coordinator, and which are outlined in this document, will be HI tax of 4.5 %. 

What do you mean when you refer to "Professional Movers”?

Each of our movers is sponsored to apply for and must successfully obtain a TWIC (Transportation Workers Identification Credential) before the end of his/her probationary employment period. Being issued a TWIC means that our movers have passed a thorough background check and have been granted unescorted access to all sea ports and military bases within Hawaii and throughout the United States.

Besides successful acquisition of this credential, each mover must have a minimum of 5 years of previous industry experience.

Each crew foreman has a minimum of 7 years' experience in the industry and is an expert in packing, loading, assembly/disassembly, and special handling techniques.